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Service Work Opportunities

As AA Members we are presented with opportunities for service work throughout the district, the following are opportunities in the area which are open to those who wish to share their Experience, Strength and Hope with others through service work.

Currently we are trying to fill the following positions:

  • DCM
  • Alternate DCM
  • Secretary
  • Registrar
  • Treasurer
  • Functions Chair
  • Functions Co-Chair
  • Women's Corrections
  • PI/CPC

DCM The DCM position provides leadership for the District, attending Area events and reporting to the District on important matters in AA. For a complete list of responsibilities and other helpful information please visit:

Alternate DCM The Alternate DCM position provides a secondary resource in the event the DCM is unable to attend an event or otherwise perform his or her duties. He/She stays in touch with the DCM and up to date on all matters the DCM is attending to.

Secretary The primary responsibility of the Secretary is to take minutes at the District meetings and Assemblies and report in a timly fasho an accurate record of their activities to the District. The secretary is responsible for maintaining a courrent history of District business and searches for precedents when needed.

Treasurer The District Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of the District financial matters, paying the bills and maintaining accurate records of the District's financial condition. The Treasurer is responsible for the supervision of the bookkeeping services rendered to the District. In addition she/he is expected to attend all District service meetings and assemblies and provide monthly reporting on the current budget and accounts.

Registrar The Registrar is the liaison between the Area and the District for communicating information abou tgroups and meetings. The rRegistrar is responsible for annual comparison of the Area and District meeting databases and provides meeting lists and updated information to the Area when meetings in the District change. The Registrar is also responsible for assisting new GSRs and communiating meeting and GSR changes to the Area.

Women's Corrections Chair The Women's corrections chair is responsible for assisting members who whish to be involved with meetings in the women's prisons throughout the district. Maintaining open communicaiton lines between the prisions and the district.

Functions Chair & Co-Chair The Functions chair and Co-Chair are responsible for planning and hosting events throughout the district. These include the Alcathon's which occurr during the holidays and any other events which help the District come together. The committee corrdinates the numerous tasks associated with these events, such as arranging facilities, hotel accomodations, registration, announcements and speakers.

PI/CPC The purpose of the Public Information/Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee is to convey information about AA to the general public, including the Media. Outreach to alcoholics is also done through the professional community by informing members of the professional community about A.A..